Peter Nicolas Professor of Law University of Washington Former Ann Arbor City Councilmember


Peter Nicolas is the author of five books and numerous journal articles in the field of evidence. These include a national casebook, a series of state-specific books comparing federal and state evidence law, and articles on the Confrontation Clause as well as the intersection between evidence law and sexual orientation. His books on evidence law have been or are currently in use at over 10 percent of law schools nationwide.
Evidence: A Problem-Based and Comparative Approach (3d. ed. 2011), 880pp, $95.00, Carolina Academic Press (Hardcover, ISBN-13 9781594606021)

First published in 2005, this casebook provides a comprehensive, problem-based approach to studying the rules of evidence. Key features of the casebook include in-depth problems that are designed to teach all the nuances of the rules, an enriched section on scientific evidence, application of the rules to electronic evidence, and appellate review of evidentiary rulings. Although organized around the federal rules, it includes coverage of selected state rules of evidence that differ significantly from the federal rules so as to facilitate inquiry into the policies underlying the rules of evidence. For more information about the book or to purchase, visit:
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